Good Rules for Student Bloggers

If student’s want to do well when blogging there has to be rules for them to follow. In everything we do, we have rules! If we want to be successful, we have to follow some kind of rules. Here are a few rules that I found for students to follow when blogging.

1.) Privacy/Security- Students along with their parents and the teacher want the students to be safe when blogging. Students and teachers need to stay away from putting their full names, addresses, and phone numbers in a blog. Blog’s usually have plenty of room for comments and the teachers want their students input but students have to remember to be safe and to keep their identity private. Here is a link that will help you understand the safety of blogging.

2.) Blog Publisher- Most people these days can go anywhere and post a blog but here is a list of good places that are mainly for teachers and their students. These different publishers’s allow the teacher to monitor, set to privacy if needed, and even allow parents to go in and view the blog. I recommend one of the publisher’s when using the blog. Below is a link to the publisher’s and the link also has 50 useful tools when blogging.

3.) Spelling and lingo- when writing a blog we have to remember that just about anyone can see what is being said. In saying that we must type properly. Meaning no IM talk for example typing u, lol, ttyl, and such words. We have to use proper English. We want our blogs to look like something we would write for a teacher to read. Teachers and students can use Spellery, It is a place where you can type in your URL and it will tell you if there are any spelling mistakes in your blog. I think this is great because it allows the student to use to make sure that everything is correct and in proper form.

4.) Plagiarizing – This is taking credit for someone else’s work.  Students must be aware that this happens quite a bit when blogging.  We have to give credit to those people who did the work. It’s okay to talk about someone else’s work but we have to remember that we must include the credit to those people. This is a serious matter and can end badly for the blogger who didn’t give credit for someone else’s work.

5.) No Bulling – Students and teachers must respect everyone’s opinion. Students must not post thing’s about other people that could harm them, embarrass them, or even emotionally hurt them. This goes on daily and we have to remember that we are using the blogs for a classroom matter. The teacher will find out and will take action.

These are just a few of the rules for student bloggers but they must be followed. Students need to remember that these rules are in place because we are using a certain blog for a classroom matter. If the students do not use these rules when blogging there will be serious actions taken to remove the blog or post along with the teacher giving the student a low grade for the assignment.