Blogs from School Teacher’s

  Finding the 2 people to follow on their blogs was not easy for me. I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted. I found things like teacher bloggers who went to jail for different thing’s. I also found a blog where a teacher was writing about “her problem child in the class” and how she enjoyed her birthday so much more because “he didn’t show up for school that day”. I believe thing’s like this are not appropriate. In a sense I felt like she was making fun of the student for the world to see.

    I did find 2 people to follow on their blogs and I believe these  blogs will be of great interest to me. The first blog I read was written by a lady named Diane. Her blog was great! In her blog she goes on to talk about a lesson plan that she did with her class. A lesson plan using lot’s of shaving cream. She has them put shaving cream on the desks, then she has the student’s use their finger to spell out different words. After talking about the lesson she then reflected on the day. Diane seemed ready to find new ways of learning and doing all that she can to help the student’s have fun while learning. She also made it very clear that she loved teaching and this to me is what I want to see in blogs from teachers. I want to see that passion from them in their blogs. Diane did a great job of this and this is why I will continue to follow her blogs that she posts weekly! Finding her was pretty hard but I went through Google then onto a website called Her title is what pulled me in. Diane’s title is, For the Love of Teaching. 

     The last but not least person I found to follow on their blogs was Tom DeRosa. He is a man who has taught in Texas for years. His blog that I first read was called I Want to Teach Forever.  . It is very clear to me that he loves to teach and also learn. He talks about thing’s he learned by watching and observing at a school called Sheedy. I loved the fact that he talks about student’s needing to learn on their own. This is very true to me and he also talked about using technology in school, which is great! This guy had great stories to blog about and I definitly want to continue to follow him on his blogs.

     Finding this blog was not near as hard as finding the first blog. The first one was so hard for me because I didn’t know what exactly I wanted but after reading Diane’s blog I knew. I did the same thing for find Tom’s blog. I used Google and typed in the search box ” blogs from teachers”. It then brought me to which I then found these 2 great blogs. These are great blogs to read and I will continue to follow these 2 people who love to teach and also learn!

Poverty in Education

     I am starting the world of teaching school soon and after doing all kinds of different research, one topic has stayed with me. Kids who live in poverty.  I had a teacher who lectured over this and I to this day I still think about all the thing’s we talked about.

    Kids who live in poverty face many challenges. They face not being ready for Kindergarten because of not having the resources needed like books, pencils, or even just time to set down with their parents to learn the alphabet. Kid’s who live in poverty do not have much time with their parents because their parents are working from job to job to pay the bills. After reading this book, The Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne. It really opened my eyes. As a teacher I have to be ready to help these kid’s and figure out different technicues for them because we all know not all techniques work for everyone. I will have to go above and behond to try and catch the child up with the rest of the class. We can not just let this slide. This is huge and we have to find way’s to relate to these kid’s who live in poverty. In the book it talk’s about trying to understand the lifestyle of people who live in poverty and trying to find way’s to reach out to these kid’s and help them. I’m not saying ALL kid’s living in poverty have this problem but most do.

    I was not raised living in poverty but  probably about middle class so as a teacher I would need to do research on how to relate to everyone and also give all my student’s the attention they need. This book is a great and will help open your eyes to what’s really going on in our student’s mind’s and when I become a teacher, I will have to be ready for thing’s like this and many more problems. I reccomend this book to all teacher’s because this book can be used as a key to understanding the different types of kid’s you will face.